Pearl Oyster Mushroom Kitchen Garden Grow Your Own Kit


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Espresso Mushroom Company is a group of coffee-drinking food lovers who’ve taken the next step to bring you the ultimate in fresh, home grown and sustainable produce – fantastic Oyster Mushrooms grown on used coffee grounds!

Our mushrooms are served in some of Brighton’s finest restaurants in a mouth-watering array of cuisines from sautéed to sushi – but it’s not just cooking & eating the mushrooms that’s amazing – we love watching them grow – so have created the Espresso Mushroom Company Kitchen Garden which allows you to grow your own Pearl Oyster mushrooms in two weeks in your own home!

The Kitchen Garden makes a perfect gift as it contains everything you will need; stylish box with simple instructions, ready-to-go growbag, water spray pump & recipe card – as well as coffee grounds from one hundred espressos!

The Oyster Mushrooms you’ll grow have a delicately rich flavour, enticing velvety appearance & smooth, firm texture. Nutritionally, Oyster Mushrooms are a treat too; they are low in fats & calories, & are rich in antioxidants proteins & minerals, particularly iron.

Like us, the mushrooms love the coffee and grow beautifully in this typically-discarded resource. And before you ask, they don’t taste of coffee, nor do they contain caffeine.

So, all you need to do is find a light airy spot in your home to place your Kitchen Garden, follow the instructions & harvest your Oyster Mushrooms two weeks later. The only hard part is choosing whether to have them for a luxurious breakfast on a wedge of freshly baked bread, for lunch in a in a light salad, or in a risotto, casserole, stir-fry, soup or stew at dinnertime – bon appétit!

Open Up within one month of purchase, and store in dry cupboard at stable temperature.

  • Grow your own Pearl Oyster Mushrooms in just two weeks
  • Four simple steps: Open Up, Water, Grow and Harvest!
  • Kitchen Garden includes everything you’ll need; ready-to-go growbag, water spray pump and recipe card
  • Perfect gift – stylish & reliable – watch the mushrooms emerge in week two then double in size every day
  • Oyster Mushrooms grown on Coffee Grounds – the ultimate in fresh, home-grown and sustainable produce