Panama Organic Whole Beans Coffee 8oz,227g


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This coffee is from Cafe Kotowa Duncan Organic “Duncan Estate”, located in the Boquete region of Chiriqui Province in western Panama. The farm uses strictly organic principles. All fertilizer is produced on the farm from coffee pulp. Microorganisms are used to compost the pulp. This system is used because coffee pulp is especially rich in potassium, which is naturally found in small doses in the soil and is very important for the development of the coffee bean. In 2006 The Panama National Environmental Agency presented Kotowa Coffee as the winner of The Panama National Award for The Year’s Environmentally Cleanest Industry. Duncan Estate also provides free medical attention for their employees and a nursery for their kids. Their social programs have earned them recognition from UNICEF nine years in a row. Duncan Estate is an organic certified coffee farm perched on the slopes of the Baru Volcano above the town of Boquete in Northern Panama. The farm is owned and operated by Ricardo Koyner who is a 3rd generation coffee farmer. Duncan Estate sits at altitudes ranging around 1,700 masl in an area of Boquete known as Volancito. The land that composes Duncan Estate was originally purchased and settled in 1913 by Alexander Duncan MacIntyre, Ricardo’s grandfather and also a Canadian transplant. The coffee grown on the farm are dominantly Caturra varietal with a smaller percentage of Typica mixed in. I’ve always felt like this combination of varietals creates a complex and complete cup with the Caturra’s big acidity and the Typica’s round mouth feel and great sweetness. Ricardo processes the coffee cherry at his Kotowa facility using a Penagos machine to remove the mass of the fruit around the beans and then a short fermentation to removes any remaining solids. After washing the beans are brought back up to farm, which has an ideally sunny climate, to be dried on raised beds.

  • 8oz,227g of Panama Numer #1 Organic Coffee
  • 92 Points out of 100 by Coffee Review Magazine
  • USDA Certify Organic
  • 1700 Meters from Volcan Baru and limited amount avalable amount
  • Single Origin from Kotowa Coffee Estate Panama
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