Hemp Tea CBD Oil Tea Organic Eco Bio 100g (leaves and flowers) hemp herb chopped buds cut Finola high CBD Best Taste!


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About product

Leaves of the hemp are harvested by hand and dried naturally and packed with love on small farm in Croatia. It is fully eco – bio – organic production with green practice for fertilization. It grows in an environment surrounded by forests with clean air in the area where are no factories and highways. The strain is Finola cbd strain with up to 6% cbd, the best strain there is – and most heavy for production.

We are have a small farm where we grow this culture – we are not retailers – we farm!

How to use: We recommend to put one tablespoon of tea and mix it with hot water like any other tea. Best is to put some milk or rum (alcohol) for better usage.

About us remarks: 100% Natural & Legal- Our supplements contain pure, unrefined, raw ingredients rather than modified extracts.

Just herbs – Free from artificial flavorings, colors and preservatives. We do not use any fillers, flowing agents, or additives. Absolutely nothing is added.

The way nature intended – We believe that natural conditions produce plants with more vital energy. Our ingredients are 100% GMO free.

We farm – We are not some huge company, we are small farm in Croatia EU, we live with our herbs from dusk till down!

Perfect packaging – We use only the best pouches for our products! Good looking, easy to seal back and re-use!

Fully traceable – Our Haccap procedures ensure that all steps of our production are under Good Manufacturing Practices.

Responsible advice – We are required by law to make no claim for the therapeutic qualities of herbs that we sell. We recommend that you seek medical advice before taking herbal supplements. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Always consult a medical practitioner.

Note: this is not full bud it is a bud cut/chopped in small pices (4th picture), full bud is our other listing:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eco-Organic-Hemp-WHOLE-BUDS/dp/B01AS7AUTA

  • Great antioxidant, helps with weight loos
  • Great CBD and other cannaboids colection in high %
  • Helps with high pressure, blood sugar, kidneys