Brugo – New 3rd Generation Leak Proof Brugo Travel Mug with Built-In Temperature Control Chamber, BPA Free, Cobalt Blue


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Fed up of not being able to drink you fav hot brew immediately?

Set the dial to TIP and COOL mode (turn the paddles to the right)

“Temperature Control Chamber Activate” – Tip the mug directly away from you for 2-3 seconds at about a 45 degree angle and you’ll hear the drink “glug into the cooling chamber”… then give it a little wiggle. This decants a SIP from the inner chamber into Brugo’s cooling chamber. Do not turn the dial back…

Then… hold your BRUGO mug nearly upright and gently swirl the mug with a brandy motion. This reduces the temperature of one mouthful in the cooling chamber whilst the remaining beverage in the inner chamber stays hot.

The longer you swill… the cooler the sip.

You only need to use the TIP & COOL mode whilst the drink is too hot to drink normally… once the ambient temperature in the main chamber has reduced enough only use the SIP setting.

Set the dial to LOCK mode (turn the paddles to the left)

“Leak Proof state Activate” – the Mug is sealed and 100% LEAK PROOF. Once the “Lock” option is selected, you need to get rid of the remaining liquid in the cooling chamber by either drinking it or simply tipping it out. If you do not do either of these then you have not made your mug 100% LEAK PROOF.

Set the dial to SIP mode (set the paddles straight)

“Temperature Control Chamber Bypass” – drink directly from the central chamber once your drink is cool enough to drink without using the TIP & COOL mode. Like a regular Travel Mug.

Tighten the lid until the anchor stopper on the front of the mug and the lid are aligned… do not over tighten

Dial may feel tight at first – after 30 seconds the beverage will warm the mechanism and it will turn easily. We have designed BRUGO to take heat expansion into account

Make sure that you are turning the dial not the lid itself

  • 100% Leak Proof
  • 3-position dial, LOCK: 100% Leak Proof, TIP & COOL: cooling chamber (hot beverage to be drunk immediately), SIP: like a regular travel mug
  • Double-wall insulation
  • 450ml capacity, None slip bottom
  • Ergonomic grip for both men and women